About No Regrets Marketing, serving Lincoln and surrounding communities

I'm Mary Lafferty, the owner of No Regrets Marketing

I'm Mary Lafferty, the owner of No Regrets Marketing in Sterling, Nebraska, serving Lincoln and surrounding communities. Now a little bit about No Regrets Marketing in Lincoln.

I've been in Marketing for 17 years, and I can say, it's truly been an adventure. Once I got my feet wet, It didn't take me long to develop an itch for creativity, idea generation and creating unique stories presented in just the right way to capture the attention of just the right audience. 


My career began in writing and quickly grew to strategy, advertising, customer research, and uncovering new ways to tell and present a brand story. I take pride in understanding an audience, pinpointing how to reach them, and executing against that. I love the creative process and have excelled at leading creative and marketing teams for the last 9 years.   

After 17 years in the corporate world I began to hear more and more from owners of small businesses and friends in the field that they were struggling. From investments with no results to not understanding the science of marketing, and having no one to explain it to them.  


Enter No Regrets Marketing. A business built to help educate business owners on how do develop a great marketing strategy that works. 

In a nutshell


Incredibly important to me. Two young girls and one awesome hubby who restores muscle cars for a living.


Leading strategy, managing a team, creative writing and overall creative strategy, diving in to solve problems and making it happen.


Running is my stress reliever, I also enjoy my volunteer work with the Sterling Boosters Club and watching my girls in their athletics, it's something that never gets old.