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The proof is in the work

I started No Regrets Marketing in 2017 after almost twenty years of marketing and brand management experience in a variety of businesses and industries. Below are some of the accomplishments I've achieved through my leadership and talents working and leading marketing teams. Great marketing requires great leadership, amazing talent and the drive to get it done. Kudos to all of the marketers I've had the privilege of leading and working with through these journeys.

Located in Sterling, Nebraska, 

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Branding and Strategy

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My branding and strategy experience includes managing and leading rebrands, developing new market strategies and building new branding stories and approaches that resonate with our audience and target markets. 

With each of these efforts, I managed the oversight of websites, collateral, lead generation, communication planning, media, social media and executive insight and presentations.

Most recent successes include:

  • Successfully creating and executing a brand strategies, market approach and look and feel for six organizations. 
  • Managing the build and overall strategy of numerous websites, including in-house and customer contracted.
  • Implementing a successful SEO and optimization strategy for Miller Hieman Group and Kenexa.
  • Developing a communication strategy and plan for inside and outside sales team that paralleled with marketing efforts and utilized best practices and learning points from our audience.

Lead Generation and Awareness

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I have experience revamping lead generation strategies through direct mail, social channels, video executions, SEM and SEO. 

I've managed numerous awareness campaigns, third-party industry publications and homegrown, events, sales enablement and communication efforts and blog campaigns.

Most recent successes include:

  • Driving an email click and CTR rate of 35% and 15%, consistently beating industry averages  of 32% and 7%.
  • Increasing SEM clicks on one year from 6,600 to 13,000 while decreasing CPC by $1.25 and increasing CTR by 2.1%.
  • Consistently beating Lead Goals month-over-month.
  • Driving a website from 0 to 61 in domain authority in one year and increasing searchable pages from 3% to 44% visibility.
  • Built and managed event series efforts including training workshops, luncheons and customer networking events.
  • Increasing audience/database by 50K names and managing lists buys and databases.
  • Developed strategy, plan and led executions of all executions including media, collateral, videos, social, website and lead generation efforts.
  • Managed up to a 3.5M media plan successfully.

Leadership and Management

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I started my leadership career managing a team of content writers. This led to a Creative Director position and eventually Vice President of Creative Services. I've lead marketing teams, creative teams and employment branding teams successfully. 

I believe that an engaged team works hard, produces more and is happier. This is always my goal. 

Most recent successes include:

  • Growing an in-house marketing team from 4 to 24 people.
  • Managing a marketing team through multiple mergers and acquisitions.
  • Developing successful marketing strategies on very little budget with limited resources.
  • Managing a high workload and ensuring priorities of the team match with business goals and executive leadership expectations.
  • Managing global teams and locations.
  • Ensuring brand consistency on a global level while flexibility on a regional level.